Thursday, June 13, 2013

Differently Abled

What works for one, doesn't necessarily work for another. 

The autism spectrum is a wide measurement for the even wider group of differently abled. 

My 11 year old brought home a girl yesterday. A GiRL!! And an older one at that.  He justified it by saying she's a Tom boy. Oh and she is also high functioning. 
They get along wonderfully. It made my heart smile. They spent the afternoon making a video for YouTube.  They plan on using neuro typical kids as Zombies in their Zombie Apocalypse film. Ironic? 
 They want to create their own channel, specifically for kids on the spectrum to use. "no normal kids allowed" I was told. To say I wasn't beaming with enthusiasm for their desire to include all the other kids in the world like them, would simply be a lie. 
His friend told me that it would be a good forum for all the kids that were disabled like them. I corrected her. "not, disabled... Differently Abled" they are so talented, and I admire their drive and force and convictions. You can't try to be and think like they do. It's a gift. And one that requires a special name. It might be a label to some. To them, I make sure they know it's a super power. 

Every child on the Spectrum is still VERY different. There truly are no two alike. 
So often, what works for one.... Won't necessarily work for another. 

When I am asked what kind of oils someone should use on their child, or friends child, I ask questions first. 
I start with asking you to name three things you love about the child. I need to know where their super power shines through. What is their favorite past time?  What is their strength? What do you perceive as their weakness? How do they do in school? In public, or other social settings? How well do they sleep? 
This then gives me a better idea of understanding their view. 

Both of my sons are on the spectrum. Yet very different from each other. While my younger one (6yrs) has had more therapies starting at the tender age of 2, I believe his early intervention has made his social abilities close to that of a typical 6year old. 

My 11 year old (not diagnosed until 3 and no therapies until he was 6) is probably at the same social level as his little brother. So while they are socially the same age, my older son is expected by parents of normal developing kids and the normal developing kids themselves, to act socially like an 11 year old. A completely different topic for another day :). 
This of course, you would think would make sense for me to use the same oils for both boys. 
Not so. 
In fact, the oils I use on my oldest, only exasperate the behavior of my 6 year old. 
It has taken me a good couple of months to realize, I needed to change his oils and cater them to his specific needs, and not the basic general need. 
I played With a few different combinations for a week or so, closely watching him each day. The beautiful thing about the oils is that they are immediate. No need to let them settle in his system like some mood enhancing pharmaceutical drug. Once these are applied, they get to work. 
Now, I'm not sure if there is a link to this or not, but the oils I primarily use on my oldest tend to have a woodsy, earthy smell to them. The oils that seem to be a good fit for my younger son, have more of a citrus, splashy smell to them. Probably nothing coincidental, they seem to fit their personalities perfectly!! 

We now are beginning to have less emotional days. Not so much drama, and a lot less over-reaction. For everybody :) and thank goodness too! Summer Break has officially started, and in an effort to keep my own sanity, we will be keeping our routines in tact. 

My Older sons oils:

Uplifting blend
Focus blend
Lavendar as needed

My youngest sons oils: 

Uplifting blend
Wild Orange
Citrus blend


  1. Thank you so much for these posts. I wanted to let you know that there's a FB group for essential oils and autism spectrum disorder. I've been sharing your posts on that forum. You can join the group here:!/groups/155889641231608/?fref=ts

  2. Thank you for your support! I have asked to join the group. I also enjoy your blog!