Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Three "Must-Try" Ideas

It's no secret our kids struggle. Pharmaceutical companies are making bank from our children. 

We do our best to advocate, teach, and support our kids and sometimes that means prescription medications. 

My oldest (diagnosed with PDD-NOS, ODD, Anxiety, ADHD, Depression and Sensory Processing Disorder) is currently being followed by a Psychiatrist for medication management because while we want him to be all naturally served.... We want him to be happy with life. So reality, is you do the best you can. 

We use essential oils for Everything we can and supplement them with his prescription medications when necessary. We hope that once we manage his disabilities, we can slowly fade from them again. To be fair, he is probably the best he has ever been. EVER! And we have him on the lowest doses of his medications. (that in itself makes me feel better. We must be doing something right! ) My sons behavioral therapist has asked for samples of some of the oils we use, because to be honest- my sons need for a behavior therapist is far and few between, but his "official diagnosis" has him labeled worse than many of the docs other patients. 

Where am I going with all this? 

I wanted to share with you some great ideas that you can create by yourself with essential oils that will enhance your user experience and that go beyond some "traditional" uses of essential oils. 
We had wondered at one point if our use of the oils and the prescriptions was really making a difference, but I will tell you, if you ever question this same thought. Go ONE day without oils. Prescription meds only. You will see a difference. We no longer miss days with out oils. (although, we have missed days with out the prescriptions, and had no effects of behavior or otherwise while still using the oils)
We have noticed that most Prescriptions simply treat the symptoms; Essential oils treat the core problem.
So in addition to our morning routine oils, I've incorporated these 3 do it yourself ideas. 

Easy and safe home remedies

First idea: sweet dreams bedtime spray. 

In a small spray bottle
Mix the following: 5 drops Lavendar
5 drops Wild Orange 
3 drops Roman Chamomile 
With 4 ounces water

Spray pillows, bed, sheets, curtains, stuffed animals, pajama's... And anything else that might surround your child at night. Along with a drop of Lavendar on the bottom of feet and one drop swiped across the forehead, your little sweetie pie, will be in sweet dreams in no time. 

Second do it yourself idea: Anti- Anxiety liquid (aka liquid Xanax) {but obviously safer, and without the zombie feeling.}

- 3 drops Grounding blend  mixed with 5 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) 
- 3 drops Calming blend mixed with 5 drops FCO

I have even used Wild Orange or joyful blend and placed 2 drops each over my heart. It takes the uneasy, impending doom feeling away within a minute. So Awesome!! 

You can Apply the Anti- Anxiety liquid on the bottom of the feet, back of neck and behind ears. 
Prepare to watch the anxiety leave. No racing thoughts, no jitters, no more tears or fears. And best of all. Natural and safe. 

Third idea: warming essential oils for a smell that is comforting. 

My personality is to be soft. Peaceful. And in tune. I feel connected to music and my mood is heavily affected by smells. I am constantly seeking smells that are entertaining and delightful. So in keeping with my own personality, this one is a PERFECT fit. 

In your old candle warmer (you know, the kind that use lightbulbs) 
Heat 2 tablespoons coconut oil 
With 6 - 8 drops of your favorite oil 
And wait for a great calming smell. 

I am currently using Balance and  Elevation in my warmer. It's a mood enhancer, and smells sweet. You could try using Lavendar in a warmer at bedtime, or Lavendar and lemon for a clean fresh scent. 

Or Balance and Lavendar 
Or Wild Orange - YUM! 

 The sky seems to be the limit with this one. Here's to better days!! 

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